How To Entertain Wedding Guests During Your Photos

The ceremony is all done and you’re off to take your first photos as husband and wife before the sit-down meal. If you’ve ever been a guest at a wedding you’ll know that this part of the day can feel like forever! So how do you keep your guests occupied while you’re away? We’ve got some ideas for you!

1. Garden games

There’s nothing better than drumming up a bit of friendly competition to keep your guests coming back again and again to try and beat the top score.

Take a look at guests enjoying our Coconut Shy, Basketball, Archery, Baseball and Shooting games from our Wedding Garden Games set at Aldwick Estate.

You could also have Giant Inflatable Twister or Inflatable Horse Racing to keep guests amused – check out the horses and garden games in action at Quantock Lakes!

2. A Photo Booth

Having a photo booth gives your loved ones something fun to do and talk about while they’re waiting for your own photoshoot to finish (psst – when you book a photo booth with us, we supply you with a big box of funny message boards and masks, wigs and glasses, unlimited double prints and a guestbook!)

3. A Video Booth

If a photo booth’s not enough for you, check out some clips from our mobile video booth that guests have enjoyed at some of our previous weddings – what are you lot like!!

4. An Unexpected Performance

What better way to surprise your guests and keep their interest with a surprise performance? We work with talented saxophone players for example – check them out below for some ideas!